Our Story

behind nicole’s

overview: nicole’s is a range of luxury natural products for bath, body and home, designed to create a luxury bath experience at home. nicole’s uses only the best sourced natural organic ingredients and essential oils to achieve premium results. Using antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, marine and bioactive extracts, that god had created for us, to achieve a truly effective natural range that makes a difference. Unlike mass produced bath products that can sit on the shelves for ages, nicole’s products are freshly prepared using natural methods, just for you!

our products are: shower gel, gel scrub, bath salt, bubble bath, tub tea, bar soap, hand soap, hydrating gel, pure essential oil blend, essential oil blend, and tea [drinks].

material use: nicole’s natural bath products are produced in small batches using naturally harvested organic ingredients, no sodium laureth sulfate [harsh detergent], dioxane, mineral oils, propylene glycol, lanolin, Phthalates, triethanolamine, no harsh preservatives, no paraben [synthetic preservatives], no artificial fragrance and no coloring [we are using essential oils instead to get maximum benefit and result].