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why the nebulizing diffusion gives the most therapeutic effect of essential oils?

  • the microscopic droplets produced by the nebulizer stay suspended in the air for long periods of time and maximizes the fragrant effect of your oils.
  • when inhaled, these very small droplets are considered the optimum size for deep therapeutic action as they enter the bloodstream through lungs.
  • the glass baffle acts as a vortex generator and ionizes the oil vapor as it leaves the nebulizer. many practitioners believe this ionic charge on the oil molecules is as important part of the therapeutic process.

Experience: fill the glass chamber with ONLY PURE ESSENTIAL OIL or compositions (without water or jojoba oil). DO NOT use fragrance and thick oils like sandalwood, myrrh and massage oil. this will damage the nebulizer. start the diffusion with 5-10 drops, holding up to 2/3 of oil in the inner stem inside the glass chamber. DO NOT fill past 2/3 of oil to prevent damage to the diffuser. area of diffusion : 50-400sqf

Price: idr 1.650.000

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