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scent diffuser small

If you have never use a reed diffuser before, you are missing out on a really simple, effective, long lasting way to fill your rooms with a lovely scent.
Unlike candles and many scented oils, reed diffusers do not need heat or flame to work. This allows them to be used safely in any location without the use of an outlet or creating soot and dust. They can be used in offices, bedrooms, nursing homes and with children present.

Experience: fill the base of the diffuser with a scented oil specifically formulated for reed diffusion. Place the reeds inside the base and allow the reeds to draw the oil up into the air. When needed, flip the reeds for an additional burst of fragrance. You cannot reuse reeds with different fragrances since the oil permeates the reed. Reeds can be reused with the same fragrance but may wear out or become clogged if used for too long.

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