Nowadays it is no longer difficult to find aromatherapy products, be it in the form of candles or oil diffusers. Are you one who likes to use aromatherapy at home? Do you know what are the benefits of aromatherapy for health?

Benefits of Aromatherapy for health

Aromatherapy is a method of utilizing natural oils extracted from plants with the aim of improving physical and psychological health. This oil is made using essential oils made from various medicinal plants, flowers, herbs, roots, fruits and trees.

There are a number of studies showing that certain types of essential oils have a positive effect on improving one’s physical and emotional condition.

In addition, there are several health benefits of aromatherapy that you will feel.

1. Relaxation

Many studies have shown that essential oils used in aromatherapy, such as lavender oil, can provide relief when experiencing anxiety or excessive stress.

The scent of lavender is also believed to provide a relaxing effect and control the sympathetic nervous system, the nervous system that is responsible for the fight or flight stress response and its physical symptoms, such as sweaty hands or a racing heart.

2. Improve sleep quality

Because it helps us reduce stress, aromatherapy is also believed to help you sleep better. This is great for those of you who have problems with insomnia, anxiety, or restless leg syndrome and itching at night that often occurs can use aromatherapy to help sleep.

Before you go to sleep, try running the diffuser for an hour with lavender oil.

3. Treat breathing problems

Some aromatherapy oils also have antiseptics that can help clear the air of bacteria, germs and fungi that are known to irritate breathing such as coughing or cleaning. Tea tree oil or tea tree oil is considered to have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties while eucalyptus oil is thought to soothe breathing during colds.

Various Ways to Use Aromatherapy

You can enjoy aromatherapy by using an aromatherapy diffuser. A diffuser is a device used to convert aromatherapy oil into steam and spread it throughout the room. There are various types of diffusers ranging from ceramic (furnaces) to candles or using electric power

Make sure that this aromatherapy diffuser is not used for a long time at home, especially if one of the residents in the house is pregnant or has certain medical conditions.