Valentine’s celebration is coming. The celebration that everyone is looking forward to expressing their love by giving gifts such as flowers and chocolates. Like other celebrations, Valentine’s Day also results in a lot of waste being wasted. But for those of you who are trying to live a natural life, don’t worry, you can still celebrate love on Valentine’s Day with some eco-friendly ideas for Valentine.

Eco-friendly ideas for Valentine

Here we provide some eco-friendly ideas for Valentine that you can try.

1. Baking

Nothing is more romantic than spending an hour or two in the kitchen making your loved one’s favorite cake? You can use various natural ingredients without preservatives for your cakes. Including sugar, you can choose natural sugar with palm sugar, it will definitely add to the taste of your cake.

Plus, baking is a calming, cathartic activity, so it’s a win-win reward!

2. Houseplants

Flowers may be commonplace, and also don’t have a long life. An even better gift of flowers is an ornamental or succulent plant – or, better yet, a tree.

Something that will stay alive (with proper care and attention). Something that absorbs carbon dioxide and turns it into oxygen – fresh breath in life.

3. Support local brand

On Valentine’s Day, why don’t you try to support local brands especially those that offer eco-friendly products. Find out if they have a great valentine’s gift that you can give to your loved ones.

If you are interested, you can also provide a series of tableware products from solid wood, natural facial treatments, or also aromatherapy candles from Nicole’s Natural as a valentine gift. Nicole’s Natural has a special Valentine’s Day catalog that you can choose from.

4. Picnic

February has cool weather, why don’t you take this opportunity for a picnic? This could also be the best valentine’s eco friendly idea, prepare food and drinks, choose a beautiful location, and relax, together. Enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

Make sure to bring trash to your house!

5. Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts always have a deep meaning. Homemade will show how much you care about them with the time and energy you spend. You can make simple crafts as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Those are various choices of eco-friendly ideas to celebrate Valentine. Let’s show our love for the earth in this loving February!