Talking about lifestyle, health, and care for the environment is now a trend especially for the millennial generation. And one thing that is a concern is a zero-waste lifestyle, or also known as a minimal waste lifestyle.

But, there are still many who think that a zero-useless lifestyle is just about wasting a minimal lifestyle. In fact, a lifestyle without rubbish does not only focus on the problem of rubbish. Zero rubbish is also not a zero garbage lifestyle.

Zero-waste lifestyle

The zero-waste lifestyle has a concept where you will get used to minimal waste life and reduce disposable items.

If you are interested in starting a zero-waste lifestyle, some of these ways can be your reference.

1. Diet plastic bags

An easy way to start a zero-waste lifestyle is to adopt a plastic bag diet. You can start by getting used to carrying your own shopping bag.

2. Bring your own cutlery

Start bringing your own cutlery when you eat out so you don’t need to use plastic tableware.

Bringing your own tableware is now also easier because there are many tableware products made of plastic-free materials, such as straws, stainless, spoons of solid wood, and more.

3. Use environmentally friendly products

In addition to starting a plastic bag diet, you can also start the habit of using environmentally friendly products. For example, try using a glass jar as a storage area.

Glass jars are also easy to clean and can be reused and are freer of harmful substances such as melamine which can endanger health.

4. Zero waste food

Not only focus on plastic waste. Zero-waste is also focused on food waste. This is called zero-waste food, you will get used to reusing food waste.

You can process leftover food waste into compost. Not only that, but you can also use food that is almost wilted by replanting it.ted by replanting it.