Giving hampers on Eid Al-Fitr has recently become increasingly common. For a long time, ago hampers themselves have been synonymous with pastries, groceries, or snacks. However, nowadays the choices are increasingly diverse. You can provide hampers with unique ideas. There are lots of unique hampers ideas that you can give your loved ones on Eid.

Hampers Ideas

There are lots of hampers ideas that you can give to the people closest to you. Starting from eating utensils, worship tools, to body care.

Everything you can once use as an idea for Eid.

So, what are some unique ideas that you can give to the people closest to you? Check out some of our ideas!

1. Cutlery

hampers ideas jakarta

The idea of the first Eid hampers is tableware. Yup! You can make unique tableware as Eid hampers.

You can choose wood cutlery that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Natural wood motifs will also add a unique impression. Wooden cutlery can also add to the aesthetic impression in the kitchen and be safe for children.

2. Masks, hand sanitizer and vitamins

In a pandemic like today, the idea of giving parcels of masks, hands-on and vitamins is the right thing.

The idea of this Eid hampers can also be a strength for loved ones in the face of the current pandemic. You can give ideas for this Eid hampers for office friends, friends, to families such as younger siblings, cousins, and nieces.

3. Body care

hampers ideas body care

Another idea you can choose from is to give the hampers kill treatment. Of course, we want to see our loved ones look more beautiful on Eid? The hampers package that contains body care is the best choice. Even these hampers will never be forgotten.

You can give your loved one an organic face mask or a konjac sponge to give your loved ones the perfect look. This one idea is perfect for lovers, sisters, or friends.

4. Teapot

Is your family or someone closest to you a fan of tea? If so, the idea of giving teapots as hampers could be very appealing to them. You can also provide various choices of types of tea as a companion to the cute and elegant teapots.

This teapot can be a dish for loved ones on Eid.

5. Air Freshener

hampers ideas aromatheraphy

Who says you can’t make air fresheners during Eid? Of course, I could!

Providing air freshener will be a unique idea and will give a distinct impression to the recipient. You can provide the aromas that are served by loved ones.

It can be an aromatherapy candle, potppuri or an oil burner.

Those are some ideas for Eid Fitr that you can choose from. Or you can find it on the Idul Fitri hampers Nicole’s Natural Dates & Camel. The hampers range consists of quality wooden tableware, organic body treatments to aromatherapy candles. Everything is there and available for shipment throughout Indonesia.