How to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen. Starting a healthy lifestyle can be anywhere and anytime. One of them we can start from the kitchen in our homes. Can it produce nutritious foods? And whether our kitchen equipment supports environmentally friendly which is good for ourselves and others? Of course, there are many things we can do to create an environmentally-friendly kitchen so that it can support a maximum healthy lifestyle.

One of the common things that we might be able to apply is to start replacing kitchen items with sustainable kitchen equipment. Well, this movement by using sustainable products can spur us to live healthily and care about the environment and existing natural resources. In addition, back again to environmentally friendly kitchen designs that are not only beneficial for us but also for the environment.

By applying an environmentally friendly concept, not only can it be healthier, but also save more. So how do you do it? Well, here are some tips for creating an environmentally friendly kitchen at home to support a healthy lifestyle that you can apply.

How to Make an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

1. Adjust the refrigerator temperature wisely

Well, applying the concept of loving the environment is not only a matter of buying equipment that is claimed to be energy efficient but without proper use, the energy that comes out is still wasteful. Well, one of the most energy-consuming kitchen electronic appliances is the refrigerator. And a common mistake that often makes the refrigerator waste of energy is that it is setting the temperature too low. As a result, every 3 degrees Celsius, the refrigerator will consume 5% more energy. Usually, the optimal use is more than 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

2. Minimizing lighting from lamps

The next way to create an environmentally-friendly kitchen is to position the kitchen as much as possible in a position that is exposed to the sun. If possible, install a large window in front of the kitchen set so that you don’t need to use a lamp again when doing activities in the kitchen such as washing dishes, cooking and so on. If this is not possible, you can use energy-saving lamps as a solution.

3. Reducing the use of electric tools to process food

Who do you think still relies on electronic kitchen tools to process food ingredients? For example, using a blender to smooth the spices, or using a mixer to stir the cake mixture. If you want to apply an environmentally friendly concept, then as much as possible start reducing the use of electronic devices if you can still do it manually.

4. Choosing environmentally-friendly kitchen equipment

The next way is, you can choose environmentally-friendly kitchen equipment. Starting from tables and chairs made of bamboo and wood, to furniture that does not contain chemicals. Not only that, but you can also use sustainable kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons, stainless straws, glass drinking bottles and much more. These environmentally-friendly kitchen items, of course, do not contain chemicals and can be used continuously, so you can reduce the use of plastic.

One of the environmentally friendly equipments that you can choose from is wooden utensils. Wood is known to be more durable and less harmful to health. Not only that, but wooden kitchen utensils can also add to the aesthetic impression in the home kitchen.

5. Provide sorting trash cans

The kitchen is one of the most waste-producing places. Basically, this type of waste is divided into two groups, namely organic waste such as food scraps, fruit skins, food scraps from the kitchen and leaves. There is also non-organic waste such as plastic wrapping. So these two types of waste are actually recommended to be separated. So you can easily recycle recyclable waste. You can also reuse food waste to be processed as animal food such as cats, chickens or other pets. This of course can be a way to reduce food waste.

Those are the steps for creating a good environmentally friendly kitchen to support a healthy lifestyle. Well, if you want to live a higher quality life, don’t just pay attention to your food intake, but you also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment. The use of eco friendly items can certainly be a solution for a healthier life, both for ourselves and for others.