Nowadays natural beauty products are increasingly becoming a popular choice for women who want more environmentally friendly ways to care for skin health.

Natural products not only provide a choice free of harmful chemicals but are also more effective and feel the benefits. To get natural beauty products now is not difficult, because there are so many places and shops that sell various needs for those who want to balance their needs with protecting the environment.

Why use natural beauty products

Looking beautiful and well-groomed is certainly a must, but of course to get all of that you should not ignore the bad effects that are generated either for yourself or the environment.

There are several things that you can consider why you should start using natural beauty products.

1. Low impact on the environment

Products made from conventionally produced materials can have negative effects on the environment. The manufacture of health and beauty products that contain chemicals produces waste that pollutes the air, water and many more.

Meanwhile, when health and beauty products are made organically, there is less waste from chemicals that pollute the environment.

Several chemicals that can pollute the environment, such as:

  • Preservatives such as BHT and BHA are known to poison fish.
  • Triclosan can change the biochemistry of amphibians.
  • Diethanolamine or DEA, reacts negatively with nitrates, forming cancer-causing nitrosamines.

2. Lack of artificial smell

In general, mass-produced beauty products use artificial fragrances that are used to mask odors from chemicals. Even though it is fragrant, this fragrance can cause problems for consumers, such as migrants, asthma, and nosebleeds.

However, in natural beauty products, the fragrances that are produced are naturally derived from natural ingredients used in formulations, such as essential oils and plant extracts.

3. Reduces irritation

The chemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial dyes, and various other ingredients in common beauty products can cause the skin to become red, irritated, and acne. In fact, some people feel allergic to chemicals that can be their treatment products.

Contact dermatitis often occurs when a person becomes sensitive to certain substances that have been applied to the skin.

Some allergies that can be felt, such as:

  • Quaternium 15
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lanolin
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone

Switching away from conventional beauty products and starting to use natural beauty products can reduce or eliminate skin problems caused by common allergies.

4. Does not produce dangerous side effects

Parabens are widely used in conventional beauty products. Usually, Parabens are used as preservatives to extend the life of the product. Parabens, however, are synthetic and mimic the body’s natural hormones.

Many people are concerned that its use can change the function of your body’s endocrine system.

You don’t need to feel this worry if you use natural products. The preservative in natural products is usually derived from grapefruit seed extract, which will not affect the body.

5. Real results

Many natural products work better than chemical products because they do not contain excessive irritants and allergies. Although conventional products usually show results that tend to be faster from the first use. But in the long run, using chemicals that make your skin feel cleaner can actually cause damage.

Body treatments with natural and organic beauty products where all the ingredients are obtained from the earth have been proven effective for centuries without causing harmful effects in the future.

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