Nowadays, tasting natural sweeteners is not that difficult. You can choose palm sugar made from coconut tree sap. Palm sugar has a distinctive taste like caramel and has been very popular as a cooking ingredient in Asia and Africa.

Compared to other sweeteners, palm sugar is considered to be the best alternative that is healthier because it is processed without other chemical additives.

Palm Sugar As Natural Sweeteners

As a natural sweetener, palm sugar has a low glycemic index compared to other sweeteners which are not very good for blood sugar. Several studies have shown that palm sugar is a good alternative sweetener for diabetics.

Besides being an alternative sweetener for diabetics, palm sugar also contains manganese. This mineral helps bone health and can lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Are palm sugar and coconut sugar the same?

Palm sugar and coconut sugar are two different types of sugar. Both are natural sweeteners that come from trees. Coconut sugar comes from the shoots of the coconut tree and palm sugar is made from palm tree sap. Both are collected as sap.

Health Benefits of Palm Sugar

Compared to other sweeteners, palm sugar is a natural sweetener that is a source of vitamins and minerals. Palm sugar nutrition has good benefits for health, such as:

1. Blood sugar regulation

Palm sugar contains less glucose and a lower glycemic index than sugar or honey. So that palm sugar can help you to stabilize blood sugar levels than other sweeteners.

2. Better digestion

In palm sugar, there is also a lot of dietary fiber which is also called inulin. A study shows that vegetable fiber can control bacteria in the gut, promote good digestion, and increase the absorption of minerals in the body.

3. Nervous system function

Did you know, it turns out that palm sugar contains higher potassium compared to green vegetables and bananas. Potassium itself is needed to keep the nervous system working properly, such as muscle contractions and a regular heartbeat. Consuming adequate potassium can also help manage blood pressure.

4. Has high antioxidants

A study shows that natural sweetener palm sugar contains minerals, and nutrients that are higher than other sugars.

These nutrients include phytonutrients. These vegetable compounds have an antioxidant effect, which is to prevent cell damage that can lead to chronic disease.

Cooking with palm sugar

There are many ways you can try to cook with palm sugar. Just add it like regular sugar to any dessert you might make. Or you can also heat it until it becomes caramelized. And other ways according to your taste.

Tips for buying palm sugar

It should be noted that the names palm sugar and coconut sugar are often used interchangeably, even on packaging labels. That’s why it’s better if you’re looking for a specific type, to see the ingredients on the package rather than the title on the label.

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