It’s no secret, surely many aromatherapy lovers are asking which one is better — essential oil burner vs. diffusers. Are you also one of those who are still confused, which is the best, oil burner or diffuser? Let’s discuss this in full!

Oil burner vs. diffuser

Did you know that diffusing essential oils in rooms and houses can lower the count of airborne germs?  This is great to reduce the risk of infections, especially in public spaces! Both the burner and the diffuser provide a peaceful and uplifting atmosphere in the room where you have them.

Oil burners and reed diffusers are two ways to enjoy aromatherapy in a room. However, there are still many people who are confused about which one to choose, whether it is an oil burner or a diffuser.

This time we will explain the difference for you so that there is no more confusion.

So, essential oil burner vs. diffuser – which is better?

Both offer similar therapeutic benefits. The primary purpose of a burner or diffuser is to dispense a therapeutic aromatherapy treatment to some people at the same time. It is an excellent way to administer the uplifting, relaxing or energizing effects of the essential oils you chose. The main advantage of the diffuser is that you can have it on whilst you are asleep and you can have it around children. 

Whereas the oil burner is not safe around children. Also if the oil/water evaporates then, it can crack the bowl. And also the candle burns down pretty quickly.

Safety Precautions

You don’t need to keep your burner or diffuser on all day, in aromatherapy less is better.  If you’re diffusing oils in public spaces, be considerate of others, some people may have odor sensitivities and no matter how natural the essential oils are, they can produce a sensory hyper-reactivity. If you are a massage therapist or aesthetician using essential oils in your room, make sure to work in a well-ventilated environment.

The Best Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not just a buzzword. Certain scents are known to create a peaceful environment, and others help invigorate you.

Other times the scents you wish to fill your room have nothing to do with the properties and benefits of aromatherapy. Often, specific scents are naturally pleasing or perhaps they trigger happy memories, and you want to wrap yourself with a scent to help you reminisce.

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