Since the pandemic, we have got some new habits. Especially when we have to stay at home because of the lockdown. One of the new habits that you might also do is take care of plant decorating.

Not only because caring for plants is easy but ornamental plants can also be used for room decoration. Here are some unique plants for your home decor.

What is plant decorating?

Simply put, it is decorating our homes with plants!

As an Interior Designer, I always get asked for ideas and recommendations on how to best and properly decorate homes. 

Questions generally vary from paint colors to flooring types, from cabinet materials to what to hang on the walls. 

Some of the questions, like material and finishes, are more Interior Design related than Decor related. However, based on what I am hearing, people are generally looking for ease of maintenance and durability on all fronts, and I can’t blame anybody for that! I am all over it, especially having a young family and a dog! 

The one thing people don’t often take into consideration, is the alternative green and healthy way to decorate a home, or better, plant decorating!

In addition to the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoor plants have many health benefits, and surrounding ourselves with green, living and breathing decor is incredibly beneficial for our bodies and minds!

Plant decorating

Here are some of the most popular plant decorating options for our homes. 

You can pick any idea and adapt it to suit your home, taste and lifestyle. 

If you don’t have much time to dedicate to plant care, pick plants that require minimum maintenance, you can read my article on the Best 10 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for some guidance on easy indoor plants. 

Or, if you like plants that require high humidity, you may want to consider using them in a Closed Terrarium so that you don’t have to water them for a very long time! 

The possibilities are endless, you just need to adapt the plants you like to the application that suits your home and lifestyle best.


This plant is able to make the atmosphere of the room more refreshing because of its beautiful appearance.

Although impressions spoil the eye, this plant is quite difficult to care for.

The reason is that suppliers need an environment that is not dry and clean air to grow well.

Deer antlers

This plant which is often referred to as Simbar Menjangan is an ornamental plant that can be found growing wild throughout the tropics.

Plants that can be attached to trees or hung on the wall must be stored in a shady place or not exposed to direct sunlight.

Lidah Mertua

Plants with a fairly high price are much sought after by lovers of ornamental plants because of their unique shape.

The more unique and rare the types of plants, the more expensive the price on the mother-in-law’s tongue market will be.


Plants that have a fairly high selling value. The type of Puring plant that people are looking for the most is:

  • Red apple,
  • Oscars,
  • King croton,
  • Metal,
  • Arjuna puring,
  • Orange romance puring, and
  • Turtle croton.

Keladi Red Star

Is one of the plants known for the beauty of its leaf veins that resemble bright red stars.

For this ornamental plant, you have to store it in a place that is exposed to the full sun so that it grows well.


This popular ornamental plant is very easy to grow and does not require intensive care.

However, this aglaonema plant should not be exposed to direct sunlight and must be stored in a fairly humid place.

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