Ramadan is a positive moment to start positive habits, including in terms of beauty. There are several skin care tips during Ramadan that you can do to get beautiful and healthy skin.

Skin Care During Ramadan

Of course you want to look even more beautiful at Eid, right? Brighter, acne-free skin. It is not impossible, beautiful skin that you dream you can get by doing the following tips.

We have summarized tips that you can use as inspiration for healthy and beautiful skin at Eid.

1. Sun care should not be left behind

Even though most of your activities are still done at home, this does not mean that your skin is protected from sun exposure. Moreover, we live in a tropical country like Indonesia, so it is impossible for us to avoid sun exposure. 

This makes the skin barrier more susceptible to being disturbed. Moreover, those of us who live in tropical countries like Indonesia are unlikely to be protected from sun exposure, which makes the skin barrier more susceptible to being disturbed.

So that skin protection from the bad effects of UV rays is very necessary in everyday life.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly and make sure you choose the right sunscreen product to protect your skin from the bad effects of the sun. Choose one that contains SPF 45.

2. Beauty care routine every day

Another skin care treatment during Ramadan that you shouldn’t miss is consistency in doing beauty care every day.

Like nutritional intake for the body, the skin also requires good content intake which is carried out regularly to maintain moisture and health.

This consistency is one of the secrets of healthy skin care.

3. Skin hydration with the right content

During fasting, our skin gets dry more easily, so make sure your skin is hydrated with the right ingredients.

Everyone has different skin characteristics, from sensitive, dry, oily to combination. There are several types of ingredients in skincare that have the best moisture content that are suitable for hydrating the skin when fasting, such as Glycerin, Ceramide, Urea, Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Petrolatum.

Each of these ingredients has different benefits, which can be tailored to the characteristics of the user’s skin. For example, for users who want to deal with skin problems due to dry cracks, including the lip area, Petrolatum content can be the right choice. Its dense texture creates a protective layer thereby reducing the problem of losing moisture in the skin.

4. Keep skin moist with a face mask on a regular basis

Unlike other skin areas of the body, the skin on the face usually tends to require more careful treatment. Having different moisture and texture levels, facial skin tends to be more sensitive.

To keep it well hydrated, you can use an organic mask that has the main content of hydrating and moisturizing.

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