Of course, you’ve heard of wood furniture or kitchen utensils. But did you really know about the meaning behind the terms? Among the materials offered to you, there is also solid wood. What is solid wood, and how well is it compared to the other type of materials?

First of all, you need to know that in furniture or kitchen utensils making there are different stuff that can be used as the main material. The material that is often used in furniture or kitchen utensils making is solid wood.  

In the past, because of its strength, was widely used to make cupboard houses, boats. 

Solid wood is literally lumber wood, or you can just say that it is raw wood cut directly from a tree. This wood is directly cut down from the forest and then it can be used as furniture making material without any mixtures. No fillers or adhesive used in the making process, and it doesn’t easily get wrapped like manufactured ones.

 The wood that can be classified as solid wood including teak, mahogany, trembesi, pine, and so on. The strength of solid wood differs regarding which tree it is derived from. 

The Differences between Solid Wood and Engineered Wood

The engineered wood is artificial wood which is made of various mixture. The wood is composed of different particles such as sawdust from wood and glue. 

The particle mixture on the surface of engineered woods is still visible although it is already in board form. The engineered wood itself has several types, one of them is multiplex (plywood), MDS (Medium Density Board), Blockboard, and so on. The differences between solid wood and engineered wood will be very clear.

1. Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is made of various particles. To make engineered wood it is processed using a machine that has very high pressure. So getting this kind of wood will be easier. That is why engineered wood is relatively cheaper.

The affordable price makes our society often use engineered wood as the material in making furniture such as to make doors, tables, and others. But of course, the quality is not that good and durable.

The engineered wood is not as strong as solid wood. This type of wood will be easily damaged especially if exposed to liquid. Therefore, engineered wood is not suitable for use for outdoor furniture.

Besides that, processed wood is not good for health. The smell produced from engineered wood is very strong and is not good for respiration.

That is why it is important that you know the differences between these two types of wood.

2. Solid Wood

Solid wood has been known as the best material in making furniture and kitchen utensils. This is because the quality of solid wood is better than the others. The type of wood that is most widely used is the type of teak wood. This wood has a good grain and color. Moreover, teak wood is more durable when compared to other types of wood.

In conclusion, if you want a wood product that is durable, safe, and of course also has a distinctive style, solid wood should be your first choice, especially for kitchen utensils.