A spatula is one of the must-have cooking utensils in the kitchen. With this one spoon, cooking becomes easier. Did you already know that spatula spoons have several different types and functions?

Let’s find out the types and functions of the spatula, below!

Spatula Spoons

Simply put, a spatula is a cooking utensil that we use to take food from the pan, stir food, or decorate cakes.

Spatulas are made from several types of materials, for which they have different functions.

1. Spatula pan

This type of spatula is probably the one you are most familiar with. Yes, this spatula is the one we use most often for wok cooking.

The types of pan spatulas are also very diverse, from the shape there are some that are not.

For types with holes, it is perfect for you to use when frying meat or fish. The function of the hole is also so that oil does not go into the serving plate. The tip of the spatula is thinner, making it easier for us to lift fish or meat.

Meanwhile, a spatula that is not perforated is usually used for sauteing. The tip of the spoon is wider than the holed spatula.

Skillet spatula material also varies, some are made of stainless, aluminum, wood and others.

2. Teppanyaki spatula

This type has a thin and wide-end surface. But the handle was short like a knife. The flat part is as thin as a fish spatula with a trapezoidal or rectangular shape.

This spatula is usually used to cook teppanyaki food. This spatula spoon is not only used for stirring and flattening the ingredients but is also used for cutting, chopping, mixing ingredients and spices.

3. Rubber spatula

For those of you who have a hobby of making cakes, this spatula is definitely no stranger. A rubber spatula is used to mix the dough and spread it out. The elastic material makes the stirring process more optimal.

4. Frosting Spatula

This spatula spoon is very useful to help you in the process of decorating the cake. The tip is long, thin and slender to make the frosting even and tidy.

Those are some of the types of spatula spoons that you need to have in your kitchen. In this month of Ramadan, surely cooking is becoming more frequent, right? Make sure you give your best dishes at every meal for you and your family.

Try cooking with kitchen utensils made of solid wood. The wooden spoon will give you a taste you can’t find and of course your dishes will be healthier because they are free of harmful ingredients.

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