Did you know, there are various kinds of THR besides money. THR or Tunjangan Hari Raya is a tradition that cannot be removed. After greeting, usually, your nephew or sister will line up to ask for THR.

However, even though this year we cannot do Eid homecoming or also visit relatives’ homes. We can still give our loved ones a THR apart from money and it will certainly be more valuable and memorable.

THR apart from money 

Apart from being in the form of money, there are a number of THR ideas that you can give to relatives on Eid.

1. Equipment of  prayer

THR besides the first money you can give is worship equipment. You can give your relatives a set of Muslim clothes, prayer tools, and also the Qur’an.

Alternatively, if you are giving it to an older relative, you can add a folding table or a thick prayer mat to make them feel comfortable.

2. Home Decor

If the relative who you want to give THR for Eid has a large house space and looks empty. Providing home displays or aromatherapy equipment such as aromatherapy candles or oil burners can be the right choice.

3. Kitchen equipment

Kitchen equipment as THR? Why not, whoever the relatives who receive kitchen utensils as THR will definitely be very happy and can also be used for cooking every day. You can also provide a set of cutlery. Starting from plates, spoons, glasses, or wooden kitchen utensils that will add to the aesthetic value of the kitchen.

4. Face masks

THR besides money, this one is perfect for your female relatives. Of course, by giving face masks they will feel that you pay attention to their appearance and of course want them to look even more beautiful after Eid is over.

To be safer, choose a face mask that is made from organic ingredients and is free of excessive chemicals which are not good for skin health.

Tips for buying Eid gifts

Before you buy an Eid gift, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the following things so that the gift you give doesn’t fail.

1. Who are you buying gifts for

Before buying a gift for Eid, it’s good to make a list first who will get the gift. Later, from the list that you make, you can also determine what prizes are suitable for them.

If you intend to buy a gift for a business associate. Of course, you should choose items that are easy for them to accept, such as food. Don’t forget to wrap it neatly and pretty.

If it’s a gift for the family, it’s easier because you can give them what they like.

2. Adjust to the budget

Don’t let your good intentions to share a gift cause problems for your finances. It doesn’t hurt to make a budget in advance. Also keep in mind, even though Eid gifts can make you close to family or relatives, don’t overdo it either.

3. Count how many will be rewarded

In order to adjust it to your budget, you also have to know how many family or relatives you will be giving the gift to. In addition to adjusting to the budget, this method also ensures that no one is missed to get a prize.