Have you ever heard of mindful eating? For those of you who want to start implementing zero waste, you can also apply mindful eating in your daily life. Let’s get to know more about mindful eating.

Mindful Eating

Many think that “Mindful Eating” is one way of a diet program. But actually, it’s not like that, it is a conscious attitude towards the food we eat.

Actually, the term mindful eating is not a new term. However, there are still many people who think that mindful eating is one way of a diet program. But actually, it is not like that, mindful eating itself is a conscious attitude towards the food we eat.

You know its bits of help reduce the amount of organic waste and food waste (food wastage), including food loss and food waste.

There are many actions you can take for mindful eating, including the following:

  1. Make better planning before buying food.
  2. Storing food ingredients properly so that they can be used for a long time.
  3. Cook or buy food according to our needs or according to our meal portions.
  4. Avoid foods that are not liked.
  5. And finish our food.

And you need to know, it is also related to a zero waste lifestyle, how is that?

Mindful eating and zero waste lifestyle

1. Applying mindful eating means reducing food waste

Talking about the zero waste lifestyle, will not be separated from talking about waste. Garbage comes from various sources, including food waste.

There are still many people who think this is a trivial matter, even though you can imagine, 1 grain of rice multiplied by> 200 million inhabitants, can become thousands of kilos of food waste. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit in 2016, Indonesia is the second-largest waste contributor in the world.

Therefore, to reduce food waste, one of the easiest ways to do it is to mindfully consume food and finish the food you eat.

2. Helps Protect the Environment

Zero waste lifestyle also teaches us to care and preserve the environment. With so much food waste that we produce, can we produce a healthier environment? Certainly not.

Food waste that eventually accumulates in the landfill produces methane and carbon dioxide gas. These gases are carried into the atmosphere and have the potential to destroy the ozone layer. Meanwhile, the ozone layer functions to maintain temperature stability on earth.

If temperature stability is disturbed, global warming and sea level rise will occur as a result of melting ice on earth. Even worse, this waste can cause climate change in the long term.

Therefore, mindful eating is one of the zero waste lifestyle actions in protecting the environment.

3. More Economical

Some of the ways we can do are buying food or food that is ready to eat as needed. As well as cooking your own food according to body portions.

Of course this will help control our expenses in buying food and make you more economical, right?

Similar to the zero waste lifestyle, this lifestyle also teaches us to be wiser in buying things, including buying groceries.

4. Makes Us Live Healthier

Zero waste lifestyle also teaches us to evaluate our lifestyle and see how something we consume can have a positive impact on the earth. For example, cooking your own food or eating natural foods such as vegetables and fruits.

Is this also action in mindful eating? Yes, it also teaches us to eat or cook food according to body portions (not excessive). Replacing fast food with vegetables or fruit is also an action to make the body healthier.

Who said that zero waste lifestyle is complicated? Your small business has a big effect.